Hello Poetry

I wont ruin this post with my useless comments. Lets start it off with Ash Blennett’s wonderful words about poetry: 

"Poetry is the camera of the writing world. Within the (relatively) few lines and structure you create, you have the opportunity to create a portrait of an emotion, a snapshot of something perfect, something splendidly horrific, something entirely too human for words. Whether you write about loss or love or joy or triumph, you have an opportunity to catch, in that small space, a little bit of the human condition on paper, and even more magnificent, you have the opportunity to let people *feel* through your words.”

I came across a wonderful site called Hello Poetry where it has a bunch of amazing poems. Not only will you stumbleupon great poetry, but you can join the site, and publist your won work, and connect with other poets/ poetry lovers out there. 

Oh the internet such a remarcable place. 

Newspaper Blackout Poems

I’ve been a fan of blackout poems ever since I saw them on Tumblr. And I think I’m quit stupid for not making a post about it! So as the name saya it’s pomes from news paper where the blackout what’s useless. How brilliant is this idea! I swear some people out there are just bloddy creative! You should still check out the actual page on Tumblr.

ScreenWriting Tips

So I have this silly dream of wanting to be a director one day, and as you guys know, there’s no such thing for a girl in Saudi studying film. So what do we do, we escape to the world of the internet and learn from there. (isn’t technology just wonderful!) And I realized later on that filming, isn’t only about the idea, equipment, or place. it’s more than that it’s everything from angles, idea, story, camera, lighting, and much much more. [Someone should come up with a filming equation] Anywhozeles, Screen writing is part of that equation. I came a cross a blog that’s dedicated to screen writing tips. It opens your eyes to teh mistakes you used to do whilst filming, and building your charachters. here are a few of them, but I encourage you all aspired film makers to visit the blog and read all the tips! [then come here and thank me *cat face*] 

Australian Street Art

I’ve been a fan of street art ever since I’ve watched “Exit Through The Gift Shop” And as I said to you members before, I want us the media club to do something! Anywhozlles, I came across this blog post on my modern met, which as the tittle states, About Australian Street Art, and had to share the street art love with you. 

"Our Bloodstained Roof" By Ryan Andrews

Hi, I’m Ryan Andrews. After graduating high school, I moved to Southern California to find fame and fortune. I found neither, but I did score an internship at a 3d animation company. I also attended Watts Atelier of the Arts for a bit, where I drew lots of naked people and got pretty decent at drawing faces. During this time I lived off peanut butter sandwiches and tap water for two years. I now live in and out of California, and Japan, where I try my darndest to blend in. ”

"Our Bloodstained Roof" 

To read the rest of the comic visit his website.

Try It Yourself

I’m not one for psychology, however I loved this website! It explains psychological theory first hand through these interactive simulations and demonstrations. And what better way to learn other than interactive right! You’ll learn and enjoy whilst doing so. 

Check out the site here.

Empire’s 500 Greatest Films

Remember yesterday, I posted something about a movie challenge, Well luckelly my friend(Sara) tweeted this link and I almost cried out of joy! why might you ask, well it has freakin 500 movie titles, and they’re the greatest!!! So how wouldn’t I be happy so thank you Sara! check out the link you guys. Even if you’re not joining the challenge, you still would want to a watch a movie from time to time right. 

The link to the site


I think I deserve love emails for this post, especially since finals are around the corner! You know how we all tend to get stressed, moody, and gloomy once we cram for exams. This site here plays as a stereo depending on your mood! Lets say you’re gloomy, it will play songs that would actually fit that state of emotion you are in. Now this is as close as having a background music in your life that I’ve been dreaming about ever since I discovered the existence of movies. use this whilst your studying! Stereomood.

You are welcome! 

Science Discovery

From history to science, aren’t we in a learning mood today! So a friend of mine told me about this website, it’s a site that shows you a verity of discoveries that might blow your mind (wish that was literally) Anywho, they show you great discoveries from virtual beings to pills to make you forget [Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind coming to life right there] Science lovers, I encourage you to check this website out, and you are welcome!